Legal Risk Management

We turn problems into opportunities
We turn problems into opportunities

In order to anticipate problems, Soccol Law Firm offers, as its main service, legal risks management. It consists in a complex service which aims to find and understand legal risks connected with each business area, in order to eliminate or – at least – reduce them. There are different strategies to manage legal risks but the most effective consists in prevention.
Soccol Law Firm offers three main tools to prevent legal risks:

Management “Models 231”

We create organization and management models in accordance with Legislative Decree no. 231/2001. These models consists in complex protocols that fit in well with your company and allow it to comply with relevant regulations and avoid criminal and administrative liability.
The adoption of management and organization models, together with a code of ethics and a specific supervisory body, is the only way for a company to avoid criminal and administrative liability under Legislative Decree no. 231/2001. The service provided by Soccol Law Firm includes:

  1. analysis of company’s relevant documents and interviews with senior management in order to understand the company’s organization and structure
  2. analysis and assessment of risks concerning criminal liability
  3. preparation of protocols for the prevention and sanction system
  4. Preparation of the code of ethics
  5. Identification of the supervisory body
  6. Implementation of the model (preparation of Shareholders' meeting resolution, appointment of members of the supervisory body etc.)
  7. Preliminary advice to the Supervisory Body
  8. Training needed to implement the model




We offer an organized service of contract management. This service aims to ensure the best management of all the contractual relations between your company and the other parties involved. Contract management implies cost savings and optimization of resources.
The above said service involves:

  • regarding existing contracts:
    1. selection of contracts affected by the highest legal risks
    2. identification of the person in charge of contracts
    3. reduction of legal risks related to the afore said contracts thanks to strategies aimed to the renegotiation / transaction / deadlines monitoring / conciliation settlements / early defence
    4. training of personnel involved in the process
  • regarding future contracts:
    1. identification of contract categories on the basis of their legal risks
    2. identification of the person in charge of contracts
    3. reduction of legal risks thanks to protocols used to manage negotiations, drafting, execution, completion and termination of the contracts
    4. training of personnel involved in the procedure.

Internal Audit

Through the Internal Audit we monitor the compliance of your business activity with law and regulations. Audit is intended to ensure the constant updating and compliance with the relevant provisions, preventing litigation, criminal and administrative liability. The internal audit service consists of the following steps:

  1. analysis of business activities
  2. examination of relevant regulations (laws, regulations, licenses)
  3. verification of the compliance of the business with relevant regulations
  4. adoption of internal regulations to ensure compliance with relevant rules
  5. training of personnel involved in the process
  6. periodic repetition of the audit and subsequent updating of the regulations adopted.