Business projects

Let’s build together a strategy to develop your project
Let’s build together a strategy to develop your project

Soccol Law Firm provides advice to entrepreneurs and companies, who want to step into the market, cooperate with other companies or refresh their business.
To this purpose, Soccol Law Firm assists its clients with regards to:

Start up

We assist our clients:

  • organizing, setting up and implementing new companies
  • transformation existing companies in accordance with their needs.

We support the development of our clients’ ideas, examining all the legal issues involved and providing legal information and advice needed to implement them. We also deal with aspects concerning industrial and intellectual property and know-how.

Business networks

We offer legal advice and assistance to help you create “business networks” by means of network contracts, which are business association contracts introduced by paragraph 4-ter, art. 3 of Decree-Law 10 of February 2009 no. 5, converted into Law April 9, 2009 n. 33 and subsequent amendments. Network contracts aim to develop and increase cooperation between companies that want to be more competitive on the market thanks to a better innovation capacity.
The above said service involves:

  1. analyze our clients’ needs and then try to find the best solution, which may consist in creating a new business network or joining in an existing one
  2. Coordination and supervision of the entrepreneur to individuate each rule within the business network
  3. Besides drafting contracts and network plans
  4. Deal with any affidavit procedure of the plan needed to obtain tax benefits provided for by the law.


Business Reorganization

We assist our clients in all the phases involved by their changing processes, with particular reference:

  • to changing of the ownership structure (exclusion / withdrawal of a shareholder; admission of new shareholders)
  • to the rules governing roles within the company (shareholders' agreements, amendments to memorandum of association / articles of association)
  • to generational changeovers.

We also give our legal advice to clients who need internal job descriptions intended to optimize human resources and business organization.